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Every website, blog or every a single webpage is hosted on a webserver that connects to the internet. A webserver is a computer connected to the internet which is owned by a webhosting company ( in most cases, unless you have your own webservers ). A webserver is a computer connected to InterNet. That computer or webserver is located in some country. It has a specific IP address, and from that IP address, it is possible to know in which country or sity or town the webserver is located. The location of your webserver is known as a Web Hosting location.

Web hosting can impact how your website would fare in terms of SEO. That is why the importance of getting yourself a good web hosting company has always been stressed by those who have seen how it works. There are several reasons why choosing a good company to host your website should be one of the main things to consider if you want your website to be successful. Web Hosting has become one of the major criteria for the success of business online. With the advent of Latest marketing strategies like search engine marketing and social media marketing, it is important for businesses to reach top pages of search engines to gain more leads for their business. Web hosting also plays a major role in search engine marketing.

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